Layer 10 provides customized services within the area of software development.


Layer 10 is a collective of skilled and passionate people, ready to assist in your projects. We will bring highly knowledgeable people into your teams and improve your teams' performance and capability.

Project Commitment

Whether crafting new software from scratch or adding new dimensions to an existing service or application, a team from Layer 10 can help to realise your ideas. Our gathered experience from a large number of business areas, together with a strategically developed competence portfolio makes it possible for us to put together a highly productive cross-functional team.

Knowledge sharing is the key

Knowledge sharing is fundamental in creating world-class organizations and excellent software solutions. When knowledge is shared, we will have a more solid foundation to stand on when making decisions, which in return will create the best conditions for successful projects. We are therefore true believers in sharing our knowledge with others.


If you have an idea or if you’re thinking about refining your existing software, but are uncertain on how or what do when it comes to technical choices, Layer 10 can assist you in your decision making. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the software industry but also the challenges you will face, and will put all our effort in helping you to avoid them.